Why We’re So Attached To Our Pets

Animals are a source of social support and companionship, which are essential for our well-being.

A pet’s social impact on humans can be especially significant for those who tend to be more isolated, such as children with no siblings or elderly persons. Or single, cat-loving bloggers.

Why We’re So Attached To Our Pets

Can You Be Too Attached To Your Pet?

There’s nothing unhealthy about being attached to our pets, unless the attachment becomes unreasonable, interferes with our ability to relate to others, or gets in the way of our daily functioning. As wonderful as it is, love for a pet is not a suitable substitute for human companionship.

It’s easy to feel affectionate towards our pets because they give us that love and companionship unconditionally.

Your experience with people may have no doubt shown that they are very often flawed, unable to either give or accept unconditional love. 

We seem to be unable to live as freely in the moment as easily does an animal.

Animals do have emotions, but are generally much more straightforward than humans, so they’re easier to understand in certain ways. 

With animals, there’s no deceit, they don’t know how. What you see is what you get, and it seems with our pets the more love they receive, the more they give in return.

The Cat is a Spiritual Animal

It can also be for some because your spirituality is coming to the forefront. Cats are in fact drawn to spiritual people, as cats have an energy that connects with higher realms it’s been said.

The cat is a spiritual animal as it relies on its spiritual abilities, as well as its cat-like instincts.

Spiritual people have a bigger energy field that attracts cats. Cats can trust those people more easily than others. Similarly, people with big energy fields, are drawn to cats because of their own high frequency.

So cats are picky on who they trust because they can easily understand one’s frequency field so to speak.

Spirituality and Pets

Some people don’t practice any form of spirituality, but they have a greater connection with their higher self. They’re intuitive, they trust their inner guidance, and they’re positive.

Those people have a higher energy field, even if they don’t know it.  It could be this partly driving their intense positive pet connections.

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