How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

We achieve life balance when we have enough time to pursue both work and personal interests that we love.

But when we feel as if one side of our lives is using up too much of our time and energy, we can become seriously stressed, our productivity can fall off a cliff, and our personal relationships can take a dive.

Let’s explore how to achieve work-life balance.

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Signs You May Lack Work-Life Balance:

  • You often feel tired.
  • You bring your work home.
  • You always work overtime.
  • You’re out of shape.
  • You no longer have time to enjoy yourself.
  • You may be struggling with relationships.

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

  • Manage your time and plan ahead.
  • Give yourself enough time to get things done.
  • Set blocks of time for your different tasks.
  • End work at a certain time.
  • Go out for lunch alone, or enjoy lunch with co-workers.
  • Take needed time off. Use your allotted vacation days.
  • Prioritize exercise. Take a walk on your work break.
  • Make to-do lists and get organized.
  • Give yourself enough time to relax when needed.
  • Learn and practice meditation.

What are Some Causes of a Poor Work-Life Balance?

  • Regularly working beyond standard business hours.
  • An overbearing boss.
  • Inflexible work hours.
  • Inconsistent work scheduling.

How do I Balance My Full-Time Job and Life?

  • Work for an employer that values its workers.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Have healthy boundaries.
  • Set aside enough time for friends or family.
  • Use all of your vacation days.
  • Determine your priorities and stick to them.

How Many Hours is a Good Work-Life Balance?

Research shows that even working a few hours less than our standard 40 hour work weeks could have significant benefits for our work life balance.

Factors to Consider When Determining Your Work-Life Balance

  • Workplace stress, working conditions and job environment.
  • The weekly hours required for your job.
  • Financial compensation.
  • Your current job satisfaction.
  • Autonomy of work.
  • Your family needs and personal responsibilities.
  • Personal needs for relaxation or leisure.

Final Thoughts

Work-life balance will mean different things to different people. 

Most can agree a mix of both meaningful work and sufficient leisure or relaxation is essential to maintaining a state of well-being in our busy modern lives.

Start with identifying what’s most important to you in your life.

Then form firm boundaries so you can have enough quality time for these important people or activities.

After that it becomes easier to determine what needs to be cut back on, or eliminated from your schedule.

Let me know your struggles or triumphs with this, or if you’ve been contemplating making any of the changes listed above.

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