Schedule Your Mini Workout

Years ago, exercise was something that most of us did for fun and to feel good, but these days exercise is a necessity. We’ve gone from an active society to a non-active one that spends most of its time sitting. 

We sit at work, when we watch TV, play video games, drive our cars. Most of us sit way more than we stand or move around. Sitting too much can contribute to health risks.

Let’s talk about how to schedule your mini workout.

Schedule Your Mini Workout

Too often we think we have to exercise for an hour or more, but experts have learned otherwise.

Short workouts have their own benefits including:

  • Easier to schedule. It’s much easier to fit in a 10-minute workout than an hour of cardio or strength training.
  • Short workouts are easier to stick with. It’s easier to commit to several short workouts, which means you’re a lot more likely to create an exercise habit that sticks.
  • Improvement in fitness. Studies have also shown that a short, fast high-intensity workout can offer the same benefits as a long run or an hour lifting weights.

We all know we need to exercise. But between work, keeping up with home maintenance and family commitments, it’s not easy to find time to work out.

Finding time in your busy schedule can take precision. Fitting in a 10 or 15 minute workout during your lunch break might be just what you need to stay on task and meet your goals.

You don’t need a lot of time to work out and reap the rewards. Even 10 minutes of intense physical activity several days a week is enough to provide cardio metabolic benefits.

The next step is to plan your workouts and schedule them into your week.

Have a great lunchtime workout with these tips:

  • Schedule your workouts in advance.
  • If needed, let your team or co-workers know you’re taking your lunch break and will be working out.
  • The great thing about a short workout, is you still have time for lunch! Don’t forget to eat!
  • Bring appropriate workout clothes with you and anything you’ll need to quickly freshen up afterwards.

Your lunch break is the perfect time to grab a quick workout, especially when otherwise finding the time to exercise is challenging.

The key is to plan ahead and be prepared, otherwise you may end up skipping the workout or your lunch.

Figuring out where to start can feel the hardest

If you’re not sure what workouts or exercises are appropriate, you could speak to a professional like a qualified personal trainer who can take into account your lifestyle, medical necessities, and preferences to help you develop a personalized program.

But I want to calm down

If you are having a stressful day and need to relax, meditation, followed by a few simple yoga poses will help you reset in minutes.

Start by doing a few minutes of a simple breathing meditation, breathing in through your nose and exhaling slowly.

After a few rounds of that, move into some simple poses or stretch as you feel.

You can also opt for a 10-minute stretch to help relieve tension that creeps up in your neck, back and shoulders during the day.

What are the benefits of short workouts?

Short workouts mean you can benefit from exercise without a long time commitment. It’s perfect for those with busy schedules that don’t have an hour or more to exercise.

Why would you workout during your lunch break?

Free time is scarce these days. Your lunch can be a good option to workout. It’s dedicated time without interruptions of work, kids, or other daily responsibilities that can allow you to focus or let go. Also exercise releases endorphins which can put you in a happy mood at work.

Be prepared, and time your workouts so you finish on time and can still enjoy your meal.

Final Thoughts

You can accomplish a lot in a few minutes no matter your reasons, and you can experiment with something you might end up enjoying such as skipping rope or jogging.

Good luck! Let me know if you think this is possible, or if you’d rather just work out away from work or find this unrealistic.

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