What Are The Health Benefits Of Pumpkins?

Did you know that pumpkins are very healthy for us? They’re rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Those nutrients and antioxidants can boost your immune system, protect eyesight, lower the risk of certain cancers, and promote skin and heart health. Its low calorie content makes it a weight-loss friendly food as well.

Let’s talk further about the health benefits of pumpkins

What Are The Health Benefits Of Pumpkins?

What Does Eating Pumpkin Do For Your Body?

Adding more pumpkin to your diet can help your immune cells work better to fight off germs and speed the healing of wounds.

In addition to beta carotene, pumpkins offer vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and folate, all of which help to strengthen your immune system.

What is the Healthiest Way to Eat Pumpkin?

You can mix fresh pumpkin puree into hummus or add toasted pumpkin seeds in muesli, granola and yogurt. You can sauté a few slices in olive oil, or try eating grilled pumpkin as a side dish.

What Can I Make With Pumpkin?

  • Roasted pumpkin seeds.
  • Make pumpkin puree.
  • Bake a pumpkin pie.
  • Pumpkin muffins.
  • Pumpkin spice latte.
  • Bake some pumpkin bread.

Is Pumpkin Good for Weight Loss?

Nutritionally, pumpkins are full of nutrients and are free from cholesterol, sodium and fats. This is what makes pumpkins ideal for including in any weight loss diet.

Is Pumpkin Anti Inflammatory?

Eating pumpkin can reduce inflammation. Pumpkin is rich in the carotenoid beta-cryptoxanthin.

This carotenoid can reduce inflammation and swelling, which has been linked to a reduction in the symptoms and risk of arthritis.

Is Pumpkin Anti Aging?

Pumpkin enzymes are full of antioxidant-rich vitamins A and C. These help refine and soothe the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Beta-carotene, a derivative of vitamin A, boosts collagen production that can minimize wrinkles.

Is Eating Raw Pumpkin Good For You?

Eating raw foods can increase your risk of food poisoning. This is especially true when eating raw pumpkin seeds, which can have harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli.

If consumed, these bacteria may cause illness, leading to symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, fever, or stomach cramps.

Is Pumpkin Good For Your Kidneys?

Pumpkin can be a healthy choice for kidney patients in earlier stages of Chronic Kidney Disease. Low-sodium canned pumpkin puree is the best choice. For patients on a low potassium diet, pumpkin can be included in small amounts.

Final Thoughts:

Pumpkins are seen everywhere in the fall, and during the lead up to Halloween they’re for sale all over. But don’t forget they can make a nutritious and delicious addition to your meals the rest of the year too.

Even if you just use them for Halloween decoration, try roasting the seeds for a nutritious snack.

Packed full of great health benefits, pumpkins are often considered a superfood.

Please remember it’s often best to check with your doctor if you aren’t sure about incorporating a certain new food into your diet.

Let me know how you like to prepare pumpkin.

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