What Are The Basics Of Back Care?

Having a healthy back reduces the risk of injuries, and helps our performance while doing physical activities.

There are several things that can contribute to back pain such as having poor posture, the type of work that we do, or how long we may be on our feet every day.

But with the right exercise and diet, anyone can make their back stronger and healthier.

Let’s discuss the basics of back care.

What Are The Basics of Back Care?

How Do You Take Good Care of Your Back?

Some Rules for a Healthy Back:

  • Keep your back straight.
  • Kneel to bend.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Don’t lift heavy objects.
  • When sitting, keep your back straight to support your upper body.

What Are Some Key Components Of Good Back Care?

Here are a few things we can do to help achieve more comfort and pain relief:

  • Let our spine rest while sleeping.
  • Exercise and strengthen our core to get stronger abs and back muscles.
  • Pay attention to our shoes, they need to support our spine.
  • Try enjoying the benefits of massage.
  • Practice good ergonomics while sitting, and limit our total sitting time.

What is a Healthy Back?

A healthy back has three natural curves. There’s an inward or forward curve at the neck (cervical), an outward or backward curve at the upper back (thoracic), and an inward curve at the lower back (lumbar).

Does Walking Strengthen Your Back?

Walking can strengthen the muscles that support your spine.

The trunk, core, and lower back muscles play a crucial role in maintaining the stability and movement of your lower back. These muscles can become weak from a sedentary lifestyle, potentially causing malalignment of the spine.

(Source: www.spine-health.com)

How Do You Know If Your Body is Out of Alignment?

Sometimes misalignment can be prevented by regular exercise and correcting our posture.

Bring your attention to your posture during the day. Do you notice that you’re slouching or slumping forward?

It’s possible that you could be out of alignment. Pay attention to how you pick up objects, and be sure to use your legs not your back.

Symptoms That Could Indicate Misalignment:

  • Fatigue.
  • Chronic headaches.
  • Stiff neck or sore shoulders.
  • Pain in your back such as sore muscles, pinched nerves or chronic ache.
  • Feeling tight in the hips or have difficulty walking.
  • Feeling joint pain throughout your body.

(Source: www.starkwoodchiropractic.com)

How Do You Know If You Need a Chiropractor?

A sign that a chiropractic visit may be needed is if you are experiencing chronic back pain.

As stated multiple factors can contribute to back pain such as poor posture, the type of work that you do, or how long you’re on your feet each day.

What Vitamin Is Good For The Spine?

Eating foods that are rich in calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium is the best way to build up strong spinal bones and prevent debilitating health problems. Those can include spinal fracture and osteoporosis.

(Source: www.spineuniverse.com)

How Can I Keep My Back Strong

One of the best ways to prevent back pain is to keep your back muscles strong.

Follow these steps to protect your back and help prevent back pain:

  • Stand and sit up straight.
  • Try Yoga.
  • Avoid heavy lifting.
  • Do core strengthening and stretching exercises several times per week.
  • If lifting something heavy, bend your knees and keep your back straight.
  • Get active and eat healthy. Being overweight can strain our backs.

Final Thoughts

This has been meant as a simple guide, for medical advice or serious back issues please consult a medical professional.

Remember when lifting something to bend your knees, keeping your back as straight as possible. Your leg muscles will be doing most of the work.

Getting regular physical activity and choosing a healthy diet can help us stay at a healthy weight, easing the workload for our backs.

Having a strong, healthy body in general helps to fight off illness, and reduces the risk of injury.

It can even reduce stress and anxiety and can improve our mental health.

With better exercise and diet, we can make our bodies and minds stronger and healthier, please leave a comment or click the links below for further reading.

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