What Is The Future of Mental Health?

The first part of the 21st century has witnessed a worldwide epidemic of poor mental health and related illnesses.

Governments and employers everywhere have had to acknowledge the increased distress amongst their populations, and they’ll need to address it further before more economic damage results.

Let’s talk about mental health issues and some of the challenges facing our societies in the upcoming future.

What Is The Future of Mental Health?

Are Mental Health Issues Increasing or Decreasing?

Mental health conditions are increasing worldwide. (Source: www.who.int)

Why is Mental Health Getting Worse Over Time?

Many agree that we don’t need to look much further than our modern, Western lifestyles that undermine mental health. 

From a lack of physical exercise, unhealthy diets, and loneliness, to family break ups, childhood neglect, and the pressure of competition, we’ve created a ticking time bomb for ourselves in the form of a coming mental health epidemic.

What Will Happen With the Future of Mental Health?

The future of psychiatry is likely going to be increasingly personalized and patients may not even need to leave their homes to access care.

Already we have virtual therapy websites that set patients up with online sessions, allowing them to access therapeutic support they otherwise may not receive.

What is the Biggest Problem in Mental Health?

There are an estimated 275 million people suffering from anxiety disorders worldwide.

That’s about 4% of the global population.

What are the Barriers to Seeking Mental Health Treatment?

Common Barriers to Mental Health Care Access Include:

  • Stigma.
  • Lack of anonymity.
  • Affordability of care.
  • Transportation to care.
  • Limited availability of mental health care services.
  • Insufficient mental health care policies.
  • A lack of education about mental illness.
  • Level of desire to receive care.
  • Shortages of mental health professionals.

Why is Mental Illness Getting More Common?

Some of the Reasons Mental Health Issues are Rising:

  • Increased societal and parental pressures.
  • Increased adoption of electronic media.
  • Increased performance and competition pressures.

Why is Mental Health Not Taken As Seriously?

Because mental illnesses are simply not as concrete or provable as physical illnesses, they are often not taken as seriously.

On the contrary, mental illnesses are actual diseases that must be treated as seriously as a physical disease.

Will Mental Health Issues Go Away?

It is possible to recover from mental health issues, and many people do, especially after accessing support.

Your symptoms could return, but when you’ve discovered which self-care techniques and treatments work best for you, you’re more likely to be confident in managing them.

What Are Some New Treatments For Depression?

In 2019, the first new medication in years for major depression was approved. The drug is a nasal spray called Esketamine, derived from the drug Ketamine.

Ketamine is an anesthetic that had made waves recently for its newly found antidepressant effect.

Can Psychedelic Drugs Help with Mental Health Issues?

Current drugs being studied around the globe include Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms), Ketamine, MDMA, and LSD.

In one recent study, psychedelic use was associated with significant improvements in depressive and anxious symptoms and with increased emotional well-being.

As more regulatory changes begin to occur, expect to see more access to these drugs becoming available.

(Edit: I’m not advocating for experimental drug use to treat symptoms, this has been meant as a conversation starter. Psychedelic use for medicinal purposes can range from micro-dosing to macro-dosing. Consult a medical professional for mental health advice.)

Final Thoughts:

We’ve let mental health issues take a back seat for far too long.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a serious mental health issue please seek the help of a medical professional.

Please share your opinions below, as always thanks for reading, I wish you well.

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