Why Future Worry Is Pointless

Worrying about the future can be described as a tendency to assume the worst will happen when imagining a future situation, sometimes even if you have evidence that this is not the most likely outcome.

People that like to feel in control are usually more likely to worry. This has been linked to anxiety, suggesting that frequent worrying might be a factor in developing certain mental health problems.

The Austrian poet Rilke put it well: “Life is not even close to being as logically consistent as our worries; it has many more unexpected ideas and many more facts than we do.”

Why Future Worry Is Pointless

Why Is Future Worry Pointless?

Worry is pointless not only because it rarely makes things better, but also because we’re rarely ever worried about the right things.

None of us can know what the future holds. And no matter how much we try planning for the future, our future will likely turn out to be very different than we expect.

Remember that today when you feel yourself getting anxious.

That thing you’re hoping won’t happen, or hoping will happen…well, it’s just as likely that the universe has entirely different plans for you. Some of these plans are often things we couldn’t have even understood, let alone anticipated or prevented.

What About Financial Worries?

When it comes to finances, yes, we need money for the future and for retirement. But we also need to live in the present. Try to strike a balance between those two competing desires. Do everything you can to live your life now while still preparing for the future.

Unless we really have no other choice, there’s no amount of money that makes staying in a job that’s hated worthwhile. Life is happening now, not in some imagined future.

You are probably more intelligent, resourceful, and adaptable than you realize. And most likely you will find a way to not only survive in the future but also to thrive.

There’s nothing wrong with planning for the future, but in the end we simply can’t control it.

So try embracing the unknown, go with the flow, and see what unfolds in your life.

Final Thoughts

We only get one chance at life.

We can wait around for the future, wait around for our retirement or some future event to finally start living the life we want. Or we can start taking steps to do that right now and let the future take care of itself when it finally arrives. The choice is ours.

Thanks for reading, have a great day.

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