Save Money On Your Grocery Bill

If you’ve been to the grocery store or supermarket recently you probably caught a bad case of sticker shock.

In the United States, the monthly cost of feeding one person is about $340. That puts the average cost of food per day per person at about $11.

If we have a family to support, we can quickly see how any increase in food prices may put a serious dent in our overall budget.

There’s a few tips and tricks you can try to help your situation. Let’s talk about how to save on our grocery bills.

Save Money On Your Grocery Bill

Why Are Groceries So Expensive Now?

In part, higher energy prices have further exacerbated the already-high food production and transportation costs that the pandemic triggered. Soaring fertilizer costs also contributed to food price increases.

Consider per the latest CPI report, energy prices rose 23.8% from August 2021 to August 2022.  (Source:

Will Grocery Prices Go Down in 2023?

In 2023, all food prices are predicted to increase between 3% and 4%, food-at-home prices are predicted to increase between 2.5% and 3.5%, and food-away-from-home, such as restaurant prices are predicted to increase between 4% and 5%. (Source:

Does Cooking At Home Save Money?

Almost anything you prepare from scratch will cost less and be healthier than processed, canned, or frozen versions of the same food.

In fact usually it will be better than most restaurant food. Homemade meals are cheaper, healthier, tastier, and overall better for the planet.

You’ll generally save money, while enjoying better nutrition, eating at home instead of dining out.

Is Eating At Home Healthier?

Yes, it’s proven to be healthier. Studies suggest that people who cook more often, rather than get take-out, have an overall healthier diet.

They also show that restaurant meals typically contain higher amounts of sodium, saturated fat, total fat, and overall calories than home-cooked meals. (Source:

How To Save Money On Groceries

  • Plan your meals.
  • Eat leftovers.
  • Have a list and stick to it.
  • Buy items on sale.
  • Clip and use coupons.
  • Avoid pre-packaged and processed items.
  • Compare prices between stores.
  • Pay with a grocery rewards card.
  • Sign up for a loyalty program.
  • Think seasonally and support local farms.
  • Prepare and freeze meals for the week.
  • Use the ingredients you already have before they spoil.
  • Buy generic brands instead of name brands.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Shop at discount grocery stores.

Can I Live On $25 a Week In Food?

Here’s how you can try to spend just $25 a week on groceries: 

  • Make a list of your favourite budget-friendly meals and eat those.
  • Pack your lunches for work or school instead of eating out.
  • Make your grocery list and menu plan focused on the food that is on sale or what you already have in your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Plan ahead so you can save money on food and grocery shopping.

Try buying less canned and packaged convenience food. Clean out your refrigerator and cupboards once a month.

Use up what you already bought before buying more. Take some time to organize your food storage cupboards and drawers.

Consider comparing prices between supermarkets. You can usually find significant savings on many items by trying a discount grocery store.

And when your preferred brands go on sale, stock up and use your coupons.

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