Why Staying Hydrated Is Important

Drinking enough daily water is very important for many reasons. Most of us enjoy a cool drink of water on a hot day to quench our thirst.

But did you know there are a lot of other reasons to stay properly hydrated?

Optimal hydration can regulate body temperature, keep your joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to your cells, and keep organs functioning.

Being properly hydrated also improves your sleep quality, cognition, and even mood.

So there are a few reasons to start, today we’re going through some facts about hydration and some tips to keep you hydrated.  

Let’s talk further about why staying hydrated is important for you.

Why Staying Hydrated Is Important

What are the signs of poor hydration?

Check if you’re dehydrated:

  • Feeling thirsty.
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded.
  • Feeling tired.
  • Dry mouth, lips, or eyes.

What drinks cause dehydration?

Coffee, tea, soda, and alcohol are drinks that people associate with dehydration.

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it removes water from the body. Drinks like coffee and soda are mild diuretics, but can have dehydrating effects on the body.

What happens when you start drinking enough water?

You will be less hungry and it could even lead to losing weight. You will most likely experience more comfortable digestion and potentially less heartburn. Bowel movements might become easier and more regular.

What’s the proper way to drink water?

Drink your water slowly. Take sips of your water rather than guzzling it all down at once. Sipping water allows it to stay in your mouth longer before passing through the food pipe. This helps the alkaline saliva reach your stomach to help neutralize acid levels.

Does coffee count as water intake?

Yes, although mentioned as a diuretic, coffee drinkers can count their coffee toward their daily intake of fluid. The best way to hydrate is still to drink water.

Do carbonated or sparkling water drinks count towards my recommended daily water intake? 

Yes, sparkling soft drinks, including reduced and no sugar options, contain mostly water. That means they can still help quench thirst and count towards your recommended daily fluid intake.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are essential minerals that are vital to many key functions in our bodies.

Sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, phosphate, and magnesium are all electrolytes.

You get them in the food you eat and the fluids you drink. The levels of electrolytes in your body can become too high or too low. This can happen when the amount of water in your body changes.

What are some drinks that replenish electrolytes?

Healthy drinks rich in electrolytes:

  • Coconut water.
  • Milk.
  • Watermelon water.
  • Fruit smoothies.
  • Sports drinks.

Can tea dehydrate you?

To have a significant diuretic effect, caffeine needs to be consumed in an amount greater than 500 mg.

Despite the diuretic effect of caffeine, herbal or caffeine-containing teas are unlikely to dehydrate you.

What can water do for your face?

Drinking enough daily water can help reduce wrinkles. Water keeps your body hydrated and refreshed and helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity.

People that drink large amounts of water are less likely to suffer scars, wrinkles, and soft lines and will generally show less signs of aging as those that drink less water.

Why Staying Hydrated Is Important

Dehydration can slow down blood circulation and affect the flow of oxygen to your brain.

Also a lack of fluids can cause your heart to work harder to pump oxygen all throughout your body. All of the expended energy for that can make you feel tired, sluggish, and even lose mental focus.

What are some tips to keep you hydrated?

Simple ways to drink more water:
  • Set a daily goal.
  • Understand your intake needs.
  • Replace other drinks with water.
  • Get a reusable water bottle to keep with you.
  • Add lemon for flavour.
  • Drink a glass of water before each meal.
  • Invest in a sparkling water maker.
  • Set reminders for yourself if needed.
  • Get a water filter for your tap water.

Final Thoughts

Your body is about 70% water, and drinking enough of it is vital for optimal health.

It’s not just a refreshing drink that washes down your meal, but a critical source of hydrating lubricant for your organs and bodily functions.

Don’t deny yourself this potential health benefit. It might help make a bigger difference than you thought possible. 

There are various sources that will tell you how much water to drink per day. I didn’t include that here as every person will be different; if interested you can easily look that up.

Tell me about your experiences with hydration.  Personally, I don’t think it was ever taught to us in school, like a lot of things. Luckily I mostly always drank a lot of water as a kid, what about you?

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