Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Following our life’s purpose can offer a sense of direction, create meaning, and provide overall guidance in our lives.

It can shape our goals and influence our actions.

For some of us, purpose can be connected to our job, like when we find meaningful, satisfying work or a fulfilling career. Other people may find meaning in helping others or making the world around them a better place.

Let’s discuss finding our life’s purpose.

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Our life purpose consists of the central motivating aims of our lives, mainly the reasons we get up in the morning and do what we do.

What Are Some Life Purpose Examples?

  • Teaching and guiding others.
  • Supporting your local community.
  • Starting a business that makes a positive difference in people’s lives.
  • Exploring different cultures by travelling around the globe.
  • Being a supportive and positive person for your loved ones.
  • Fighting for a social cause like climate change or equality.
  • Exploring higher realms of consciousness.

What Should I Do Next With My Life?

Here are some ways to figure out what to do next with your life:

  • Evaluate your life values.
  • Assess your strengths.
  • Analyze your opportunities.
  • Research, learn, and get inspired.
  • Explore your hobbies or passions.
  • Talk with a mentor, and observe other people.
  • Examine your career choices and designations.
  • Find your purpose in life.

What If I Don’t Know What Job I Want?

Try taking a career test.

When considering different career options, one way you can identify the positions that might be the best fit for your personality, skills and interests is to take a career test.

These can also help you narrow down your choices to different industries.

What If I Can’t Find A Career That Interests Me?

Some ways to find a career that meets your strengths or interests:

  • Take a career test or online quiz.
  • Identify your strengths.
  • Look for a mentor or role model.
  • Consider your hobbies.
  • Talk to a friend or family member.
  • Research potential salaries of new careers.
  • Try something totally new.
  • Look for internships or apprenticeship opportunities. 

Why Is It So Hard to Find Our Purpose in Life?

It may be because your true inner self knows that your life purpose is not synchronized with your outer life.

The outer life is often a false self, but we’ve identified with it because it’s been so rewarding to our ego.

Most people retain awareness of their life’s purpose within their inner being. (Source:

Is It Normal To Not Know What You Want To Do In Life?

Yes it’s normal to not know what you want to do with your life. It may even be preferable for a time as you try things out, or consider new ideas.

Consider expanding your network and meeting new people. It will give you wider exposure to new ideas that you may not have previously considered.

Final Thoughts:

It’s normal not to know exactly what we want to do with our lives.

Many of us are simply trying to survive the week. Some are able to live comfortably in the moment no matter their life situation.

Making a decision to live life on your own terms, follow your own inner voice, and live as honestly as possible is an admirable life purpose on its own.

Wishing you the best, please leave a comment or follow the links for further reading.

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