Find a New Hobby

Having a hobby that you enjoy has many well-documented benefits, from lower stress to an increased sense of belonging or purpose.

Let’s talk about finding a new hobby.

Find a New Hobby

Is it normal to have no hobbies?

Yes that’s normal and common. Our modern busy lives can remove the extra time needed to develop a hobby. Or you simply don’t find yourself interested enough in anything to dive into. Hobbies also sometimes don’t stick after we try something out and just don’t enjoy it, that’s also normal.

How to find a hobby as an adult?

You could take a class or lesson: If something has had your interest in the past, look for a class to learn more about it. Think a cooking class, a running group, or a painting class. Go it alone or ask any friends or family members you think may also be interested if they are willing to join.

Take a look at the ways you already enjoy spending your time and figure out how those smaller interests can develop into a hobby. If you like spending time with animals, start a pet blog or try volunteering with an animal shelter. You are already probably doing things you like doing anyway, so figure out how to build off those and you could be surprised what may develop.

Think about the hobbies you used to enjoy before work and life got in the way

What did you like to do as a kid?  Were you always dressing up and putting on plays for your family and friends? Explore local acting or improv classes.  What about your hours spent drawing or painting. Buy some new art supplies and have a fun day off re-creating some childhood masterpieces.

Maybe because of our busy modern lives we often have to be reminded of some of the simpler things that we enjoyed in our youth.

What is a good hobby to start?


All you really need to get started is a pair of suitable running shoes and somewhere to run. Running is one of the easiest hobbies to get into. Along with a host of health benefits, running can also give your mind and soul some time out from whatever is going on in your life.

What is an inexpensive hobby?


Reading is an inexpensive hobby to do at home and a great way to exercise your mind. You can get lost in fictional classics, read about the wonders of the planet, educate yourself in many ways, or even pick up your old comic books.

What is a hobby that builds knowledge?

Sudoku, riddles, puzzles, board games, card games, video games are all activities that can increase neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to modify and adapt both structure and function throughout one’s life.

Here are some other tips you can follow to find a new hobby:

  • Determine your values
  • Make a list of things you love to do
  • Assess the things you don’t love
  • Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses
  • Practice journaling and review your writing
  • Ask friends and family for ideas

Final Thoughts

It might take a few tries to find a new hobby that you like, but the key is, don’t give up. Get yourself out there, connect with people, and explore new things that feel fun or exciting to you.

Eventually, you’re going to find a hobby that feels like the right fit.

You’ll probably learn a bunch of cool new things and meet some great people in the process!

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